Jaap – A Life Changing Activity

How many of you have heard about the ultimate power of Jaap? The one thing which is common in all religions of the world is the recital of the name of god. Often used for this task are the prayer beads or the rosary, seen in the hands often those who love to recite the name of the almighty.

It not only cleanses your aura but when done with whole hearted concentration it can bring one close to god. It opens door for happiness, for success but more important than these is the fact that it hold the power to change our destiny and be one with the almight.

Ask a person who has been doing Jaap daily, without skipping a day, irrespective of whatever may happen and he will tell you about this amazing feeling he/she gets while performing it. This feeling is a continuous one that can make you feel so good and positive about every little thing.

Let’s go back to medieval India, the time when Mughals used to rule India….

A light breeze was blowing across the beautiful Mughal gardens of the Grand Palace. Birbal, stepped outside the halls and took in a huge breath. He felt the freshness of the atmosphere in the deepest part of his mind. He was mesmerized by the fragrance of the flowers, the chirping of the birds, the cool yet pleasant weather ….”ahhhh… heaven on earth” he thought letting the calmness run over him.

A moment passed before he realized that Akbar had accompanied him to the gardens.

“I love this place” said Akbar, taking in one large breath.

They walked around the garden, enjoying the beauty of the nature when suddenly they saw a middle-aged Brahmin guy begging on the streets across the gardens. Pain and sadness was prevalent on the face of the poor guy. A deep sense of worry and shame replaced the smile on Akbar’s face.

“Birbal… A Brahmin in this state…under my rule…Where have I gone wrong oh friend, please do tell me as I cannot bear this sight anymore” conveyed a sad Akbar.

Akbar always considered the Brahmins to be very close to God and considered this as his duty to take care of them. It was a very depressing sight for him. He had spent a lot of time, to help the people of his kingdom, but yet there he stood, the poor Brahmin, sitting by the side of the road …asking for money from the passerby’s.

After escorting Akbar back to the palace, Birbal made his way to the poor fellow. The words of the emperor still ringing in his ears and the promise he had made just before coming out of the halls again.

“Why are you in this state, my friend? Please share your troubles with me” requested Birbal. With tears in eyes and sadness in tone the Brahmin, shared about the tolls life had on him and his family. Every word that escaped his mouth reflected his pain and sorrow. After hearing to the troubles, Birbal took out a rosary (mala/prayer beads) from his pocket, handed it over to the poor fellow and asked him do Jaap for him, everyday for two hours. In return, Birbal promised him to give one gold coin daily.
The Brahmin was very happy, he used to wake up at 4:00am each day and perform Jaap for Birbal. And as promised, a gold coin was delivered to his house daily. This activity continued for quite some time, when one day while performing Jaap, the Brahmin wondered what will happen if he started doing jaap for himself to. That day onwards, he started doing Jaap for four hours, the initial two hours for Birbal and the rest for himself.

“Birbal, thank you for your help, please don’t send the gold coin from tomorrow. I will continue to perform Jaap for you, but I do not want any money for it” said the Brahmin one fine day.

Months passed away, when one day Akbar summoned Birbal – “ Birbal, my friend…. I heard there is a sage who is visiting our city. I have heard there is none like him, I want to meet him” conveyed Akbar.

There he sat, an internal glow radiating from his face, every word that left his month seemed to be smeared in honey, and his presence has transformed the aura of the place. Everyone felt blessed in his presence. Akbar attended the whole Satsang and sought his blessings.

“Were you able to recognize him my lord?” asked Birbal. Akbar gave him a confused look. “It was the same Brahmin, we saw a year before on the streets across the royal garden. As promised to you, with god’s grace he is on the right path”

( Story Inspired By Brahmrishi Dr.Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj )


This is just one story which tells us about the power of Jaap. If you are someone who do jaap or have been introduced to it…try to put in an effort to do it daily as it holds the key to the ultimate knowledge.

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  1. Very good story. It is time tested Sanskriti of India. Also this is Adhyatam part and not confined to Religion.
    Thanks for sharing story Akshay.
    God bless you.

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