“Have Faith – Everything will be fine”

“Have Faith – Everything will be fine”

How many times do you come across situations where you are given an answer – ‘ Have faith, everything will be fine’? Whether it is the outcome of a situation or a troublesome period of your life, your loved ones always, whether directly or indirectly use this beautiful phase. You get to hear this word, in every situation where you no longer can control the outcome. But, the biggest irony and quite daunting is the fact that majority of us never ever pay heed to this advice.

Recollect the last time you were told to have faith. What was your initial reaction when you heard this phase? Well, for the majority of us, it was the ending point of discussion. Nor did we heed the advice neither the problem we were facing got resolved. It was more of an end of discussion on that point.

What is your definition of faith? The meaning of the word faith is to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something or on God. But, it is up to you to determine what you mean by “complete”. We often tend to ignore this part of the definition.

Here is a story of a man named Shamlal, from a small village in India, whose story will help you understand the wonders of having faith –

“Thakurji ( the name villagers used to refer the temple God ) knows”

Shamlal, was standing in front of the large gate of the landlord’s bungalow. He could feel the scorching heat and hot air blow across his face. It was a tough and dry monsoon for the citizens of this small remote village.

“Shamlal…” announced the watchman. Shamlal, raised his hand and slowly made his way inside the luxurious bungalow. It was much cooler and present inside.A large man was sitting in the middle of the huge courtyard. Shamlal, slowly approached the landlord and greeted him with a small bow and pleasant smile.

“Hmm… I suggest you are here to take loan to buy seeds for the next season” said the landlord in a harsh tone to Shamlal, who replied with a nod.

The landlord handed Shamlal, a bunch of notes and made an entry in the receipt book.

“Make sure to return it by next season or else I will file a case against you in the police station” said the landlord. Shamlal nodded again and made his way back to his small hut near the village temple.

Land was ploughed, seeds were sown, and crops grew large and were harvested at last.

“Your money oh landlord” said Shamlal. He was at the landlord’s bungalow. The landlord looked at Shamlal, signed the receipt and just before giving it to him paused and took another paper, scribbled something on it and handed that paper to him.

“Your receipt” said the landlord. Shamlal was a simple uneducated man. He took the paper, thanked the landlord and made his way back to his farm.

Shamlal, woke up with a start. “Open the door” shouted someone from outside, banging hard on his door. Shamlal, rushed to the door and as soon as he opened the door, he found a policeman standing at his front door.

“We have an arrest warrant, against you…You have failed to give back the money you had taken on loan from the landlord” said the policeman.

He was presented before the court and asked to show the something as proof. He showed the paper landlord had given him. The judge laughed at him and informed him that this is not the receipt.

“Was there any eye-witness when you gave him the money” inquired the judge.

“Yes, my lord… Thakurji knows everything”  replied Shamlal.

The judge asked the official to go and find “Thakurji” in the village and present him before the court. The official was directed to the temple when he asked for “Thakurji”. He met the village priest there and mistook him as Thakurji and informed him that he has to appear before the court.

Next day, the village priest brought new clothes for the God. “Shamlal, is a simple man and is depended on you, protect him…oh lord” said the priest.

“Thakurji, appear before the court” announced the guard. A moment passed, nobody moved. He announced it again …still no one. He announced it for the last time… this time an old man…very old… slowly made his way to the front. Nobody has ever seen him. He made his way up to the front and in his deep yet strong voice he gave his statement.

“Shamlal, has returned back the money. You can find the original receipt in the second shelf of the cupboard on the right.”

The landlord was shocked. There was no one around when he gave the wrong receipt and hid it. But, what can a simple man hide from God. A search was conducted and the original receipt was found.

The landlord was found guilty and Shamlal was freed.

As for the old man no one saw him again …….

(This is a true story)


If you have faith on God, not only will he help you but also he will be at your side. So, the next time you found yourself stuck in a tough situation, try to have the only thing which most of us fail to do …. Faith

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