Category Distribution

Consider yourself as a warrior sent by God in this world. The world is crawling with enemies like greed, lust, anger and karma who are lurking in every corner and are always prepared to take us down. They have conquered millions of warriors like us and have twisted their mind. God has provided us with weapons and armour to defeat them and make our way home. Faith is our armour and Prayers is our sword.

In this fierce battle, The Amazing Story Teller page acts as your safe house and supplements you with the motivation and the will required to conquer your foes and make your way to the almighty. It encourages you to overcome the challenges of life which are created by our foes and focus on our main goal.

There have been legendary warriors who have crushed these enemies and have reached the ultimate destination, that is, The House of God. After analysing their traits, we have divided the traits into six categories that a warrior needs to master. Consider each category as a medallion that we have to attain in this life –

  • The Ultimate WarriorOne who has mastered self control
  • The Satisfied Warrior – One is who grateful to God and is satisfied with everything
  • The Courageous Warrior –  One who has developed the power to be patient and endure difficult situations and has an unwavering believe in God and himself/herself
  • The Cheerful Warrior – One who has developed a balanced behaviour towards everyone and has no attachment towards anything or anyone.
  • The Nobel Warrior – One who is dedicated towards God and have surrendered himself to him and is in constant communication with him
  • The Friendly Warrior – One who is compassionate and a friend to all and have no grudges towards anyone

We supplement you with stories which are clear reflective of how to overcome the evil and give them a crushing defeat. Place your problem and what you are struggling with and select an appropriate category and you will find your solution.

Which medallion are you struggling to achieve? Read now to resolve your problems and get motivated…